Prof Michael von Wolff Fertility preservation & Natural Cycle IVF

He was born in Germany and has been trained in Aachen, Munich and Heidelberg as well as in London, New York and Switzerland. In 2009 he was nominated to become the head of the Division of Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at the Women`s University Hospital, Berne, Switzerland. His main scientific and clinical interests are Fertility preservation and Natural Cycle IVF. Two thirds of the IVF cycles performed in his division are Natural Cycle or Minimal stimulation IVF treatments. This allows him to perform basic research about the physiology of naturally matured follicles as well as clinical research covering several topics such as psychological, economical and technical aspects in Natural cycle IVF. He has founded the network IVF-Naturelle ( a network of Swiss, German and Austrian centre’s specialising in Natural Cycle IVF.