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The International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR) is a non-profit making organisation and a UK Charity. Set up to promote a more physiological, less drug-oriented, lower risk, less expensive and more patient friendly approach to assisted reproduction embracing not only natural cycle treatment but also mild stimulation protocols and in-vitro maturation of oocytes. Recent research suggests that IVF in modified natural cycles or in cycles combining mild stimulation with antagonist is likely to replace the current conventional IVF protocols. The Society focuses both on the basic science and clinical aspects of assisted reproduction. It is dedicated to conducting practical workshops for training and also seminars for educating assisted reproduction technology professionals in the developed and developing world. ISMAAR aims to establish a direct dialogue with the voluntary sector and politicians to campaign for IVF to be a safer, softer and more affordable treatment globally.

Set by a group of scientists and doctors who care deeply about its objectives it is run as a non-profit making organisation confirming the commitment of the board members to achieve its goals.

The membership of ISMAAR is currently free of charge to encourage trainees and ART professionals from developing countries to benefit from the intellectual exchange.  The society has also emerged as a no strings attached, non-political organisation with an ability to make progress to reach the public and professionals across the world without any bureaucracy or delay. It is expanding and spreading its message and offering a helping hand to both developed and developing countries.

The objectives of ISMAAR include:

  • To promote mild, safe and affordable ART
  • To make ART more physiological
  • To work towards policies for protection of human fertility
  • To help with specific projects in developing countries
  • To advise policy makers and professionals
  • To achieve better public funding for ART
  • To involve the voluntary sector in the above
  • To offer education and training in mild approaches in ART
  • To promote and fund scientific research in this field
  • To raise public awareness about fertility and ART

Mild approaches in assisted reproduction are successful and highly relevant now for the following reasons:

  • Concerns about physical, and emotional burden of conventional stimulation
  • Risks associated OHSS and multiple pregnancies
  • Concerns about chromosome abnormalities in oocytes & embryos with conventional stimulation
  • Concerns about the effect of conventional stimulation on endometrial function
  • Moves towards Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET)
  • Clinical availability of antagonists
  • Advances in endocrinology
  • Advanced ultrasound technology
  • Greater efficiency in embryological techniques and training
  • The need to protect women’s health and safety during ART
  • Concern over the cost and complexity of conventional stimulation IVF for patients
  • The need to make ART affordable and accessible to all

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ISMAAR is aimed at promoting education, training and research into mild approaches in assisted reproduction in particular and womens’ reproductive health in general.

The objectives of ISMAAR include:

  • Training and Education
    • IVM
    • Mild/Natural IVF
    • Developing Countries
  • ISMAAR peer-reviewed publications
  • Newsletter

Create Health Foundation

ISMAAR activities and conferences are supported by Create Health Foundation (Registered Charity No: 1082195).