• To promote mild, safe and affordable ART
  • To make ART more physiological
  • To work towards policies for protection of human fertility
  • To help with specific projects in developing countries
  • To advise policy makers and professionals
  • To achieve better public funding for ART
  • To involve the voluntary sector in the above
  • To offer education and training in mild approaches in ART
  • To promote and fund scientific research in this field
  • To raise public awareness about fertility and ART


Sheryl Vanderpoel and Heli Bathija from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are working closely with ISMAAR to drive the reproductive health agenda forward globally. Board members are working to produce guidelines in the field with WHO. ISMAAR is also a stakeholder in the WHO infertility group and ISMAAR board members have contributed to the terminology paper published jointly with ICMART and WHO.